Copyright Notice:  Atom Image, Inc. is the exclusive copyright holder of all images and video produced by Atom Image, Inc. Licensing is offered for various image and video uses and applications. 

Photo Rights and Usage for Property Photography:  The original client is granted a limited license to use the images and video in any electronic or print media for advertisement and promotion of the property and/or original client. 

Licensee may not sell or otherwise transfer licensed images or video to any third party, including another broker or agent who takes over an expired, withdrawn, or canceled listing, sellers, buyers, builders, stagers, or any other contractor associated with the property or agent. Image and video licenses are non-transferable.

Atom Image, Inc. reserves the right to re-license images and video.

Licensed images and video may not be altered or used as a basis for, or included in, another work without the specific written permission of Atom Image, Inc.

Photographs and video of community amenities including, but not limited to, clubhouses, pools, tennis courts, golf courses, fitness centers, gates and guardhouses, and community signage are subject to the same licensing restrictions. Atom Image, Inc. retains copyright to such images and video. Use of such images and video without specific written permission from Atom Image, Inc. for any purpose other than marketing the specific property for which they were purchased is a copyright violation.

Licensing for media, including photos, video, and music, provided by the client to Atom Image, Inc. for use in the final product is the sole responsibility of the client. The client agrees to indemnify Atom Image, inc. from any claim that results from such use.

Property Preparation: The client is expected to have the property cleaned and staged prior to the photo shoot. If the property is not ready to be photographed you should make every effort to reschedule not less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled shoot. Atom Image, Inc. is not responsible for staging, cleaning, decluttering, landscaping, or otherwise preparing the property for photos. 

Access: The client is solely responsible for ensuring that the photographer has all necessary access to complete the shoot at the scheduled date and time.

Weather/Cancellation policy Photo appointments can be rescheduled in the case of heavy rain or fog, but it is the agent’s responsibility to contact the photographer at least two hours before scheduled appointment. Aside from weather, we will be happy to reschedule any appointments with 24 hours notice. All other requests to reschedule or cancel are subject to a $100 fee per scheduled service. Please note: property not being ready for photos is considered a cancellation. Cancellations will receive a refund less the fees.

Rescheduling due to weather: Atom Image, Inc. reserves the right to reschedule due to weather. Rescheduling due to weather is at the sole discretion of Atom Image, Inc.

Aerial photography: Shoots that include aerial photography are subject to weather and FAA flight restrictions. Atom Image, Inc. will advise the client if it is necessary to reschedule or reconfigure a shoot due to special considerations regarding aerial photography.

Delivery of photos and video: For most shoots, photos and video will be available online for download two business days after the shoot is complete. Photos and video will remain available for download for a minimum of 7 days. In the event a client needs a photo that is no longer available online, Atom Image, Inc. can retrieve media from our archives on request (usually stored up to 90 days but not guaranteed). 

Payment: Payment is due upon completion of the shoot. Full payment is required prior to delivery of the final images and video. Atom Image, Inc. delivers invoices by email and offers secure online payment. Payments over 30 days past due are subject to finance charges. 

By hiring Atom Image, Inc. to provide photographic services, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions. You are also acknowledging that such agreement constitutes a binding contract between you and Atom Image, Inc.

Atom Image, Inc. reserves the right to change the above terms at any time without notice.