It’s all about your image

Photography has always been a unique mixture of science and art. From the early days of silver crystals’ to today’s mega pixels, the photographers’ goal has been the same, that is to communicate with the viewer. A professional photographer is expected to have sufficient technical skills with the camera and post processing techniques to be able to produce an image that closely matches his or her intensions. I think what sets photographers apart is their understanding and use of the formal elements of composition, such as light & shadow, line, form, framing, color and focus to convey their artistic vision and to create a style.

I have always been a big fan of architecture and enjoy creating sharp, clear, compelling images that highlight the architectural elements as well as revealing the ambiance of the properties I photograph. Studies have shown the importance of professional photography in the growing mix of today’s print and online marketing choices. What I offer is a custom one on one personalized experience with a great attention to detail. If you appreciate and desire exceptional professional photography that will create interest in your projects and properties then I would be pleased to be the photographer on your team.

Thank you

Anna Plaza